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This tree is an alternative directory organisation providing access to many java-related distributions and jars developed by the Apache Software Foundation from /dist. We have organised the files here so that a software utility knows where to find a certain file. The organisation is as follows:

/dist/java-repository -- base directory
    ${project-name}/distributions/ -- directory containing distributions
        (usually in .zip and/or .tar.gz form)
    ${project-name}/jars/ -- directory containing jar files
        that are named ${project-name}-${version}.jar
    ${project-name}/licenses/ -- directory containing legal and
        licensing information. Normally contains a file named
	${project-name}.license which is the license governing the jar
	files provided in ${project-name}/jars/. If a license is not
	provided, the jar is likely to be governed by the standard
        Apache Software	License which can be found at However, do not assume
	this, and please contact or
	the appropriate project development team so that the license can
	be added to the repository.

This directory layout was pioneered and is supported by the Maven project, and is supported to various levels in other build-related projects like Ant.